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Why bitches gotta be so basic?

TDW is joined by the fiercely magnificent Heklina, poster child of the ideal San Francisco star. Tune in for tales in the life of a drag queen, including but not limited to cruise performances, lovestruck stalkers, and unfortunate buffet butts. We also talk about the intent behind offensive stereotypes and how not to hijack other people's experiences (looking at you, bachelorettes).


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For the second year in a row now the TDW crew gives you a reprieve from all the Christmas music that seemingly starts in July. The idea is to share with you a bit of our favorite tunes.

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The shirt that says exactly what you’re always thinking. To the spacey cashier, the slow bar tender, the friend that never texts back, those punk ass high school infants: it’s time to BFB.


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This Damn World

With Dom & Jenn
Is a long form conversational podcast with topics ranging from news, life, and all things creative. TDW aims to be the entertaining outlet for your dose of humor, education, and inspiration.
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Matt (Twoser)

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  • “The conversation is natural & hilarious. I feel like I’m in the room with Jenn & Dom, my cool new bffs. Their stories will have you trying not to spew coffee in your keyboard… ”


    from USA

  • “Holy Hell! I feel like I’ve discovered my potty-mouthed new best friends. I’m not sure how y’all can be fuckin’ better, but I’ll be listening to find out. Thanks for improving my life.”


    from North Carolina

  • “I have been laughing out loud at your Brady’s Great Barbecue and Catering call-out @ThisDamnWorldSF ”


    from Twitter

  • “It’s pretty awesome to feel like two people that you don’t even know from a can of paint, can feel like you’re with your two best friends at some dive bar, beers in hand.”


    from USA

  • Your podcasts get me through my work week! Sending much love and power to the both of you! Love the stories and laughs and will be listening to you both for a long time to come.”


    from Instagram

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