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This page is for our promotions, affiliate links, and other type money things that help us keep the show going. We select things that we truly recommend or use ourselves and think you could benefit from using as well. So if you would like to help the show out please browse through this page and buy/use what you will.
HellaCon 2015
$50 – Full Weekend Pass
$30 – Saturday June 13th
$25 – Sunday June 14th

HellaCon aims to bring the Bay Area pop culture media community together, and invites all like-minded folks from near and far to join the fun. HellaCon wishes to give a platform to all pop culture related projects, big and small and of all genres and art mediums. The convention also places a special emphasis on local artists and the connectivity between the artists, filmmakers, musicians, and writers with their adoring fans.


Dom does freelance video production and has used numerous tools for Invoicing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email, project management etc. All tools are great but each have their own pricing some as little as $5 per month. However each little bit you can save, when you are self employed, helps. 17hats has been instrumental with speeding up the process of gaining new clients, providing bids, managing projects currently in production, even taking credit card payments. 17hats truly is a solid all around package for freelancers and the self employed. Use this link to get 10% off.


The mixer we use on the show that has been a rock steady addition to our production arsenal.

KRK Rokit RP5

Getting a well balanced set of reference monitors will help in getting a “reference” of how your sound will react in a multitude of places, i.e. the car, headphones, tv, etc.

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone

TDW prefers condenser mics for their full bodied, warm sound, that is perfect for the type of podcast we run. Plus the price is great for the bottom line. This mic does require phantom power from your mixer.

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