December 13, 2016

Show Notes:

Emily is one of those people who lights up a room as soon as she walks in. With her ukulele and her captivating voice, she tells the world her stories of what she’s seen.

At Standing Rock, Emily participated in silent marches. She learned about the moon ceremony and the sharing community of the Lakota tribe. She slept in the cold and the wind alongside others who care about the water supply. Thousands of supporters and veterans turned out to speak up for the earth. The fight isn’t over, but Emily has now returned to the Bay to share her experience.

After spending six years in the Army as a public affairs specialist- putting positive spins on less than stellar situations- Emily is now a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Through her music, she helps veterans overcome their PTSD. Her songs are an outlet for her sometimes funny, sometimes very poignant thoughts on the world. “It’s a good way to share what I think without getting slapped,” she says.

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