November 8, 2016

Show Notes:

Whooooo, buddy. We may have been doing this for 100 episodes, but there’s a big difference between talking smack in our studio and sitting on stage in front of ~60 people. Dom hasn’t said much about it but Jenn realized pretty quickly how difficult it must be to work as a stand up comedian. Luckily, the crowd was awesome, and we had an amazing time! Thank you very much again to Sam DiSalvo and Clay Newman for making this life look easy.

This episode was a comedic taste of stuff we’re going to get into again in the future, like the Kitty Genovese see-something-say-something societal demand. We talk about how Philz is insane with their coffee selection and how if you didn’t spend $12 on a cold brew, you could probably afford to be low-key rich. Dom tells about his current campaign to get some hoodlums to stop smoking under his window.

The show was sadly only 30 minutes but we’re pretty damn sure we crushed it.

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