December 6, 2016

Show Notes:

Heklina is one of approximately four drag queens in San Francisco with the business sense to charm a livelihood out of the spotlight. Between a myriad of shows, name branding, and owning the local hotspot Oasis, hers is one of the biggest names in our city. Having her on the show was the absolute tits.

Becoming Heklina wasn’t a straight shot. She arrived in drag at a time when drag had no real rules, no real structure. Her decades long show, Mother (neé Trannyshack), was created as filler for a slow Tuesday night spot at a venue. Through careful reincarnation, Heklina has become the regal celebrity we know today- strong, commanding, and a queen who don’t take no shit offa nobody. If you’re in town or visiting, be sure to check her out at the Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco Pride, Oasis’s lineup, and especially December’s showing of the SF Golden Girls, where she plays the ruthlessly sarcastic Dororthy Zbornak.

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