January 17, 2017

Show Notes:

There is no better lesson to be taken from this episode than “Do what you love and the rest will follow.”

Filmmaker and storyteller Joshua Grannell is originally from Maryland. He attended Penn State University, where he idolized John Waters and studied film production. In his senior thesis film “Jizzmopper: A Love Story” the captivating drag queen Peaches Christ was born.

The greatest part about Peaches, Joshua says, is the way she acts as an outlet- a tool to showcase what Joshua loves in filmmaking, storytelling, and performance. Surprisingly, Joshua himself is an introvert, despite being charged with ‘lewdness and blasphemy’ for things said in a Belfast radio interview. “She’s almost a separate person,” he says.

Now in San Francisco, Peaches has her hand in every sort of bucket, including Backlash Production Company and the Midnight Mass movie series. She continues to appear in former TDW guest Heklina’s “Trannyshack” where she got her start on stage in 1996.

For more all things Peaches, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website.

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