February 23, 2016

Comedian Richard Toomer talks relationships, transportation/urination stories, stand up, SF Sketchfest, getting his stuff snatched in Nigeria, and his ongoing show “Crushes, Loves, & One Night Stands.”

Show Notes:

He’s already aware of the “Dick Tumor” joke, so back to the drawing board, kids!

Richard is the type of guest we love- laid back, charismatic, and ready to roll with anything. He took root in San Francisco 13 years ago and has been doing comedy in the Bay Area for the past three years. Growing up as the class clown, Richard says it was “the first time he tried something and felt everything click.” This past year he performed at SF Sketchfest in two shows, “The Tabernacle” and “New Mugs.”

But offstage, Richard’s exactly like the rest of us- trying to juggle life, work, and love as he navigates the ins and outs of the everyday. He currently writes and produces an ongoing show in San Francisco called “Crushes, Loves, & One Night Stands,” a collection of speakers both funny and serious as they talk about the thing that baffles us most. Richard’s done many things for love, including moving to Ghana for a year to study abroad when a girl he liked mentioned she was going. There he snuck into Nigeria, had his luggage snatched, and was rescued by his savior, a helicopter salesman in flip flops.

If love is shit in your eyes right now, this is the episode for you. <3 Continue the conversation with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ( You can follow Richard on Twitter or check out the Facebook page for Crushes, Loves, & One Night Stands.

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February 18, 2016

Risk! The show about true stories you never thought you’d dare to share.

TDW welcomes fellow podcast host Kevin Allison, a storytelling teacher at the Story Studio in New York and a former cast member of the sketch-comedy television show “The State.”

Show Notes:

Have you ever met your hero?

Before last September, TDW didn’t even know Kevin Allison existed (or Aya did, via the State, but Jenn is young and Dom is indifferent to all things not BBQ and Muay Thai.) In a very short amount of time, we fell in love with Kevin’s show, RISK!, a podcast about true stories, boldly told.

If you need a way to make your commute fly by, or for your life to seem more normal, or for your fears/hopes/dreams to be validated and reflected back to you in a way that makes you feel wonderfully human, take a listen to Risk. The show is a collection of stories recorded in real time at a series of live events across the nation. Kevin Allison is the charismatic host filled with wild inflections, funny anecdotes, and a warmth that makes you just want to tell him everything. (And people do!)

Kevin got his start in the entertainment world through the sketch-comedy show called “The State.” He loved the feeling of being on stage and being creatively engaged with a group of hilarious people, but when the show eventually ended, he was faced with the sharp edge of reality. For years, he searched for another outlet and met many a dead and empty end. The answer finally appeared in the form of a friend telling him to cut the act, remove the mask, and try acting like himself for a change- to *take a risk.*

Now, Risk is in its 6th year and was named one of iTunes Podcasts’ “Best of 2015.” The stories cover every sort of topic: sex, drugs, recovery, addiction, loss, triumph, pain, success, etc. Kevin is the sort of host we strive to emulate and we loved every instant of this episode.

But unfortunately, technical mistakes happen and we were only able to salvage 30 minutes of our recording, claiming the rest for our individual memories. The other 30 minutes is the story of Jenn’s first time performing at a live storytelling event in Oakland, as well as seeing Kevin live at an SF Sketchfest Show and then exploring the dark details of a restaurant called Opaque.

So, in a nutshell: a circle jerk of affection for Kevin Allison, followed by Jenn talking about her adventures. But what else is new.

Send us your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can tell Kevin how much YOU love him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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February 9, 2016

That time of year has come again.

With Superbowl 50 and Valentine’s Day sending San Francisco into a frenzy, Dom and Jenn debate the finer points of NFL and nookie: the effects of Superbowl 50 on the city, the 5 levels of PDA, the thin line of having sex in public, and why you should wait to hang out with prostitutes until AFTER you’ve won the game.

Show Notes:

When Dom is gone, Aya and Jenn talk about feminism. When Aya is gone, Dom and Jenn derail completely, drink Singhas, and talk about sex.

This episode is definitely one of our raunchier, if you can believe it. We discuss the pressurized effects of an extra one million visitors in our not-so-spacious city, Ryan Murphy (the Broncos rookie who was sent home for some questionable activities), the 5 levels of public displays of affection, the time a couple had sex on BART, the time a couple met on Instagram and got #InstaEngaged literally seconds after they said hello in person, the multiple times people have been catfished online, and the double standard between cougars and gold diggers.

Thank you to our lovely sponsor Singha for another glorious afternoon on the air.

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Ryan Murphy

Snake on a train



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February 2, 2016

Winning the Powerball is the working man’s dream.

The fame, the freedom, the full-bodied fear that it will get taken away. TDW talks about past winners and the Powerball Downfall, as well as how super-rich Walmart was too big to fail and is now suddenly closing stores.

Show Notes:

While none of the TDW team took part in the Powerball pandemonium last month, we were not immune to daydreaming what we would do with 1.2 billion dollars to spare. Rental properties, bill payments, drive-in movie theaters, islands….all the things we use to occupy our minds while we’re working for the man and the weekend.

However, winning the Powerball is apparently not all it’s cracked up to be. Dozens of stories caution players of the potential trouble ahead, the Powerball Downfall. Suddenly ‘sick’ relatives you’ve never heard of come out of the walls with their tales of financial woe. You spend all of your money in a few years and find yourself penniless on the cracked and unforgiving streets of mediocrity once again. Your children are in danger of getting kidnapped. YOU are in danger of getting kidnapped. Sometimes you’re even murdered.

But a few spend their cash as they please for a couple of coke-fueled, hooker-edged years or donate their money to those in need, and then that’s the end of it. They wash their hands of the pitfalls of money and say, “All right, enough with the Whole Foods. Let’s go back to shopping at Walmart.”

Although you might not be able to soon. Walmart has recently announced it will be shutting down 269 stores across the world to ease financial strife. Kind of makes you wonder- what would the head honchos do if THEY won 1.2 billion? Cut ties with their chain of one-stop-and-shops, or save the 14 cashiers who are about to lose their jobs?

Let us know what you’d spend your fortune on at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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January 27, 2016

Jocelyn Rice is a World Tour Cyclist.

Alongside her father, she has biked across the US and more than 31 countries, experiencing water shortages, sickness, cultural diversity, injury and some of the most beautiful sights in the entire world.

Show Notes:

At 25, Jocelyn has seen more of the world than most of us could ever even hope. She’s cycled through countries like Morocco, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Thailand- the last of which is her favorite for its palm trees, people and food. She’s learned to wear long sleeves while traveling out of safety and respect. She’s co-authored a book with her father, who’s taken five of her 8 biking tours with her. She’s biked across the Sahara Desert, visited nomadic families living in caves, survived a snowstorm for 3 days in a restaurant, and cycled more than 17,500 miles.

A lot of you might ask the question: how can someone just pick up and go on a worldwide adventure? If it’s something you really love, something you’ve been dreaming about since you were in the 5th grade and riding bikes with your friends, you just do. You save up your money, look into sites like, and start moving. You learn to appreciate the kindness of strangers. You keep in touch with friends you meet and keep your eyes open for all opportunities.

Follow Jocelyn’s ride on Instagram and Facebook. She updates frequently and her pictures will give you a serious case of the Office Mondays. You can also follow their father-daughter adventure at

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