January 19, 2016

We all know what it feels like to be a misfit.

Ebonie Allard, author of the book “Misfit 2 Maven: The Story of Argh to Ahhh,” describes growing up, getting lost, and the process of making a maven. TDW talks tattoos, life coaches, intuition, and New Year’s Resolutions.

Show notes:

In December of 2015, Ebonie posted to her Facebook wall seeking a podcast interview. She wanted to market for her new book, “Misfit to Maven: The Story of Argh to Ahhh” Christina, the loveliest soul and the heart of episodes 39 and 50, tagged none other than This Damn World. We were intrigued by Ebonie’s coming-of-age story and even more so by her eclectic background.

Ebonie lived in 7 countries before she was 7 years old, beginning in a skeleton of a house in France and making her way at a young age to a vegan commune, where she lived with her parents and a goose called Lucy. (It was NOT a cult; let us be clear.) Through her journey, Ebonie struggled with issues of body acceptance, an eating disorder, and experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Step by step, she discovered her calling in helping Misfit Entrepreneurs find theirs.

To reach out to Ebonie, you can contact her through her website or hit her up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you’re located in the UK (or honestly wherever, there seems to be no country her influence can’t reach) take her course “Misfit to Maven in 80 Days!”

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January 12, 2016

Dijon Bowden always begins with a smile.

His is the voice behind Souls of Society, a human interest project dedicated to connecting communities and spreading good vibes. With his genuinely positive soul, Dijon captures pieces of the City’s true vibe: you come to San Francisco to be who you are.

Show Notes:

Since 2011, Dijon has walked the streets of San Francisco, approaching souls he finds interesting or spiritual or beautiful. It’s all a part of his passion project “Souls of Society,” in which he strives to spread the lessons that make us each unique. In the past six years, he’s taken more and posted more than 5,000 pictures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, inviting his followers into the lives of the subjects and into his own.

The mission of his project, Dijon writes on his website, “is to connect communities by telling uplifting stories that increase compassion, empathy, and spiritual awareness.” Though we initially thought his project was a kind of spin-off of Humans of New York, it was quickly made clear that Dijon puts his spirit into SoS too.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with Dijon, who came in toting a handmade ukulele with his name inlaid in mother-of-pearl. He immediately filled the room with a calming energy and gave us a fresh look at this city we sometimes are too wrapped up in ourselves to see.

To see more of Dijon’s work, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

“You go to New York to be someone important. You go to LA to be someone else. You come to San Francisco to be who you are.”

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January 6, 2016

The Man is away to Texas for the holiday, so the Dames are without Dom! Join TDW’s feisty females for an exploration of all things estrogen: clothing marked as inappropriate for girls in school, cat calls, feminism, beauty vs. intelligence, personal role models, and everyday phrases women hear that men just don’t.

Show Notes:

Despite its feminist foundation, the Dames without Dom is not a man-hating episode. Jenn and Aya do not believe men are less equal than women. They did not kill Dom off to make this segment. He is alive and well and (probably) approves of this content.

As most ladies know, there are many unspoken rules about being a woman. If you show too much skin, you’re a slut. If you show too little, you’re a prude. If you don’t speak your mind, you’re a pushover. If you speak it too loudly, you’re a bitch. We are constantly assaulted by a barrage of how we’re supposed to act, dress, speak, think if the world is to treat us the way we want.

This episode started out as one thing and quickly morphed into another. Jenn and Aya dug deeper into their womanhood and all the spinning tops attached. We report on stories about girls who were told what they couldn’t wear in school for fear of distracting the boys, girls who vocalized their experiences through poems, girls who feel the world’s interpretation of their beauty affects its perception of their intelligence, girls who hear the things men just don’t.

And all throughout, even WE have to fight against our prejudices. If she’s too pretty, she must be stupid. If she’s wearing that, what did she expect to hear? There’s no right answer to enforcing equal human rights. But we can start by talking about it and exercising an open mind. A feminist forgives but never forgets.

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December 29, 2015

Chad and Christina command the mics once again for our follow-up film review showdown- Movie Therapy: the Sequel. TDW discusses films that wow’d including Star Wars, the War Room, and Creed, and films that oww’d. Sorry to those movies, but be fuckin’ better!

Show Notes:

If you guys haven’t noticed by now, we straight up love Chad and Christina. We originally met them back in June 2015 when they were marketing for their film-meets-comedy-meets-feminist-talks-meets-music-meets-everything-TDW-also-likes convention, HellaCon. Since then, TDW has enjoyed a number of evenings off the air with these guys, talking shit, making memories, and generally causing a full scale ruckus.

In this continuation of our movie therapy sessions, in which we get to rant and rave about all things film, we deliberate the finer points of several 2015 movies: Mad Max, Creed, Star Wars, Inside Out, the War Room, Krampus, the Lazarus Effect, the Good Dinosaur, and Spectre. Jenn defends her stance on why not every movie must require a romance. Chad insists that he is indeed not racist.

We name our movie nominations for 2015 and lay our bets. We also take a blast to the past over gems such as Watership Down, the Little Monsters, the Dark Crystal, and the ever-awful Leprechaun.

Follow news for the HellaCon 2016 on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because- well, have we ever led you wrong?

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December 15, 2015

Looking around at the world today, sometimes we can’t help but say- come on, dummies. Yo mama raised you better than that! Listen to heated discussions about bad job interviews, shitting where you eat at work, human vs. animal testing, litter bugs, and what yo mama taught you if she taught you right.

Show Notes:

There are a lot of don’ts in this episode.

Don’t overshare in an interview.

Don’t shit where you eat- literally and figuratively.

Don’t ever curse to a potential employer (or maybe don’t watch your language so closely.)

Don’t eat undercooked beef if you don’t want food poisoning.

Don’t litter.

Don’t litter 4 tons of trash into a forest over the course of a year.

Don’t be mean to customer service people.

Don’t expect humans to always treat each other fairly- looking at you, Tuskegee.

Don’t be disrespectful.

Don’t leave the house unless you’re fully dressed.

Don’t write a California Craigslist post that says the words “intern” and “no pay” in the same sentence.


DO say hello to our new audio intern, Matt Crazyback!

DO check out if you’re looking for a job.

DO nice things for good people, always.

DO hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for your daily dose of Damn Good Tunes.

DO vote for your favorite Damn Good Tunes selection.

And DO tell all your friends about This Damn World instead of keeping us all to yourself. We KNOW yo mama raised you better than that.

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