November 3, 2015

Enter the gates of Sexy Hell.

Jenn gives a play by play of her night at’s “Hell in the Armory,” an erotic haunted house straight out of your scary wet dreams. Dom goes to the rodeo to watch bull fights and Singha Beer gives YOU a chance to win a trip to Thailand.

Show Notes:

Let’s get one thing straight- Dom doesn’t like to be scared. (Jenn and Aya think he doesn’t like anything, but that’s a topic for another time.) He prefers to spend his time at the rodeo- feet up, beer in hand, and glaring down a group of high school girls with his Lady by his side.

For that reason, Jenn was without her TDW Crew the night she, Will, and a few others descended into the nether regions of the San Francisco Armory-’s location for shooting erotic porn.

They had no idea what to expect. Vampires, zombies, chainsaws- maybe. Fake blood, cheap scares, flicker lights- sure. But being unexpectedly hooded and blindly led, running through pitch black corridors, and staring up into the face of a man in a black Latex bear mask with a belt knotted around his hand as he growls, “we yearn for what we fear”…no, that they never saw coming.

This year’s haunted house has now come and gone, but keep an eye out for next year’s! Jenn, Will and their friends plan on sending an email with suggestions. Things could be much, much scarier when you’re suddenly alone…

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October 27, 2015

What does a ghost look like? Amanda Christina has felt them all her life. As a child, she slept with a light to ward away night terrors and the spirits that prowled her room. As an adult, she has learned to read and interact with spiritual energy, and to exercise fear management in her everyday life. Check out Amanda’s message on social media at @inspiremeamanda.


Amanda is without a doubt one of the most indomitable souls we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Raised in the spirit-centric woods of Connecticut, she learned from the tutelage of her nonni, a wise woman born with a veil over her face that allows her to see ghosts and spirits. Through her experiences, Amanda has a never-ending supply of haunting and engrossing stories that will drag you right to the edge of your seat. (Keep an ear out for a rare and lucky Fear Snort from Aya.)

Amanda told us about her friendship with a nun who also happened to be an exorcist and psychics she’s met along her journey. She helped Jenn shed more light on a ghostly interaction from her past. Our hearts jumped into our throats as she told the story of a towering spirit that stood over her and her brother’s beds as children. A creepy crawl space raised the hair of anyone who entered her bedroom. We honestly didn’t want this episode to end.

But beyond the stories that capture the spirit of Halloween, Amanda’s message is one of positive energy. She talked with us about fear management, about gathering your courage despite all that can go wrong and pushing forward in the face of challenges. Good energy is everywhere if you want to feel it.

For more uplifting words from Amanda, check out her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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October 20, 2015

Michelle Garcia never felt destined to become a police officer. For 20 years, she patrolled the streets of Arizona, responding to calls both haunting and humorous. The lessons she learned in the Police Academy stuck with her through every interaction and have been carried on to her new career as a meditative yoga instructor, a different kind of right to remain silent. Michelle is the host of her own podcast, “Live with Meaning.”

Show Notes:
We met Michelle on a humid Monday night when she arrived at our podcast meetup group, one of the few faces to brave the searing temperatures of a San Francisco Indian summer. We never expected such a calm and lovely face to announce she used to be a police officer. Immediately, we knew we had to have her on.

Michelle is a wealth of stories spanning her career path as a waitress, a grant writer, a secretary, an officer and- for the last five years of her career- a detective. She told us stories that sang with laughter and stories we’ll think about for years to come. She spent 12 weeks in the Police Academy and learned, through the swim-or-sink mentality, how to take on someone coming straight for your throat. We couldn’t get her to do the police voice (as a mild-mannered rebel, Jenn had high hopes of being commanded, “You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law!“), but we believe it when she says it’s terrifying.

A great number of accidents could have ended her patrols prematurely, but she made it all the way to a clean retirement. Many people have Michelle and her fellow officers to thank for their safety and peace of mind. She even told us about a young addicted prostitute whom Michelle treated like a regular person whenever they interacted. Years later, the young woman- now sober- approached Michelle to thank her for being so kind and so thoughtful every time they spoke.

Michelle now hosts a motivational podcast called “Live with Meaning.” Check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She’s got some genuinely great tips for feeling good about your life!

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October 14, 2015

It’s the worst STD imaginable: feelings. Where polyfuckery allows for easy transactions, polyamory must factor in the emotions of every partner in the relationship- and all of their partners too. Jess is a new participant in the process and provides TDW insight into another style of multiple lovers. Part 2 of the Poly Playbook.

Show Notes: Polyamory

A lot of us wonder if we’d be able to handle a polyamorous relationship. It seems like all fun, games, and sex, but as Jess (of the Seattle based podcast “Combination Quest”) shared with us, it’s all the commitment and trust of a monogamous relationship, multiplied by however many people are involved.

Jess recently became involved in a previously established polyamorous relationship (aka a “polycule.”) At the center is Chris, orbited by Jess, Chris’ primary girlfriend, and Chris’ secondary girlfriend. All three women have relationships outside of the polycule, be they casual or committed.

To be totally honest, it sounds kind of hard. Our generation doesn’t have nearly as strong of an attachment to marriage as our predecessors, whether it’s an overwhelming amount of choices or we inherently think, since we’re living into our 90s now, that we shouldn’t settle with one person. Jess expertly navigates topics about issues scheduling time together, communication hiccups, how to deal with jealousy, and how to continue dating while she maintains her relationship with Chris.

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October 6, 2015

The pump and dump, the shoot and scoot. However you phrase it, poly- specifically polyfuckery- is a lot different than your average monogamous relationship. TDW talks with Alex as he describes the “in and outs” of open marriage. Part 1 of the Poly Playbook.

Show Notes:
Alex met his wife Sam at Burning Man, an interesting start to an even more interesting marriage. They have what’s commonly called an open relationship, what some refer to as polyamory and what Alex bluntly defines as polyfuckery. This means both parties are allowed to have as many sexual partners as they please without the confines of an ongoing relationship. The rules, while many, are simple: communication is key, commit to good sexual health practices, and never, ever keep secrets.

This was our chance to ask everything we’ve ever wondered, if threesomes are really that great (neither as easy nor as awesome) or if jealousy is such a big problem (it can be, but not always.) Alex talked about his experiences in the first poly house he ever joined, where everyone and anyone was allowed to sleep together if both parties consented. While Sam is more the predatory type, going quickly and directly after who she wants, Alex tends to move more slowly, sizing up other potential women who will never compare to his incredible wife.

If you’ve ever wanted to look into poly, this is the first of two episodes you’re going to want to tune in to hear.

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