September 29, 2015

A tiffin a day keeps the hunger away.

After years of marketing for big-name companies like Mars and Coca Cola, Adrian Tay has finally had the chance to step back and construct a business he believes in- “Green Tiffin,” a delivery service which prepares healthy, daily meals for vegetarian and flexitarians alike. Hear the business’ conception story, as well as Adrian’s Burning Man experiences as a fire dancer.

Show Notes:

Though Green Tiffin has only been active for a year now, the influences of the tiffin itself reaches all the way back to Adrian’s childhood growing up in Malaysia. After school, he rushed home to open a container of food from a relative, specially prepared to give him all the nutrients he needed to grow up strong.

Adrian spent years working for companies like Mars, Wrigley and Coca-Cola where he gained the business knowledge necessary to successfully market a product. It didn’t hit until he was on the other side of the world in Australia that while he had everything he wanted- a great apartment, a fancy car, a stunning life in a bustling city- he wasn’t getting what he needed. That’s when he remembered the tiffins, and the warm smell of love as it rose from the homemade bowl.

Adrian’s vegetarian menus now reflect the meals he received in reusable containers or ‘tiffins,’ an English word which means for ‘snacking’ or ‘lunching.’ His meals are delivered each weekday on electric bicycles to produce the least possible waste. The tiffins are reusable, as are the small burlap sacks the containers come in. The company has been operating for nearly a full year- except during the week of Burning Man, when Adrian closed his doors and ignited his Dragon Staff for his fifth consecutive year as a Burner and a fire dancer.

To set yourself up for a Green Tiffin delivery, check out the website Green Tiffin.

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September 22, 2015

You know you want to know about “Live Sex.” Luna Malbroux joins us for her third real, raw, and uproarious episode as we talk about her sexy new comedy talk show, deal breakers, pet names, upright nipples, and the consequence of questionable clothing choices.

Show Notes:

We can’t say exactly what we love most about Luna. It’s 25% her wit, 25% her spunk, 25% her desire to push the boundaries, and 25% her indisputable charm. Mix it all up and you’ve got 100% total confidence (which really is the sexist thing.)

To take a page from the show’s Facebook, “Live Sex” is a comedy talk show where renowned sex experts and acclaimed comedians explore everything about sex with a live audience. Bring a backpack to cover your boner as Luna explores cuddle therapy, singing acrobats, the tales of Burning Man, embarrassing stories, sexpert advice, stripper dances, and more.

Give in to your natural urges and attend one of her monthly shows at Piano Fight in San Francisco. Tickets and information are available through her website. You can also listen to the second sexiest podcast in the Bay! Find it on Libsyn, Podomatic, and

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September 15, 2015

Everything about Liz Boeder moves with a quickness

– her smile, her comebacks, the speeding path of her eclectic and accomplished life. The true definition of a Renaissance woman, Liz relives her days as a professional race car driver and all the fast-paced turns to follow.

Show Notes:

Racing cars is in Liz Boeder’s blood. Starting with the influence of her speed-hungry parents, Liz’s career on the concrete track first took off in the parking lot of a Brody’s Burgers with her mother at a young age. In no time at all, her determination and electric energy drove her straight into the arms of racing fame.

This is a woman who has lived a thousand lives. Beyond her days as a professional race car driver, she’s also been an author, a founder of the human interaction workshop “The Liz Method,” a Mercedes Benz salesperson, a photographer, an artist, and a mother. Check out her work on Twitter at @lizboeder.

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September 8, 2015

Life is short: be smarter about your affair. TDW explores several scandals in recent news, from Josh Duggar’s hypocrisy to Jared Fogle’s stash of illegal child porn to the total and complete surprise when the popular polyamory site Ashley Madison hit the fan. Who could have seen this coming?!

Show Notes:

Fuck The System is about…

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September 1, 2015

What is this, a studio for ants?!

Designer and producer David Szlasa is the creator of “Range Studio,” a ‘micro residence’ for mobile work and exhibition for Bay Area artists. Check out its tiny tour at

Show Notes:

The creation of the mobile art studio arose out of necessity: as an artist with a growing family, David Szlasa was looking for a place to hone his craft that wouldn’t cramp his wife or sons in their small Oakland home. The first “Range Studio” was aptly named “Studio 1” and offered micro residencies to professional Bay Area artists seeking a portable work and exhibition space. The tiny house trekked between several points around Civic Center in San Francisco, featuring a new artist every week for a total of six. We first even became aware of it when Dom and Aya saw it parked at the corner of 10th and Mission.

David’s knowledge spans video lighting, video design, and large scale video. His client base includes the Berkeley Repertory Theater, Stanford University, and Yerba Buena Center for Arts.

But this guy’s got some crazy stories too. After a little fireside-chatting, we got down to business and found out about David’s early (aka shell-shocked) life when he first arrived in New York. We learned he partied in the desert and that he and Aya knew the same guy called “Crutchmaster.”

Talk about a wildly small world.

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