July 21, 2015

Chad and Christina of HellaCon have returned!

Listen to the four of us vent our thoughts and opinions on “Jurassic World,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “Inside Out.” We give no mercy and take no prisoners.

Show Notes:

We’ve been excited to have these guys back since the final second on their original episode (#29: “The One Where We Talk Nerdy.) As avid aficionados of the silver screen, we were interested to hear what Chad and Christina had to say about these three ground-breaking films. We also had a LOT to say ourselves.

“Mad Max” is the long-awaited brainchild of George Miller, the fourth in a long series of action, fire, and blood. Tom Hardy has taken over for Mel Gibson and Charlize Theron has stepped up as the formidable Furiosa. This film scored such high esteem for its minimal use of CGI, stunning landscapes, and high-speed races that will rip all viewers to the edge of their seats.

“Jurassic World,” the hulking older brother of the original “Jurassic Park” (and its disappointing off-springs), brought in a record-breaking $208.8 million to the box office domestically its first weekend. It’s the sexy-Chris-Pratt-meets-ferocious-monsters mashup we’ve been dying to see.
“Inside Out” is the first in a long run of lightly to greatly disappointing movies from Pixar (looking at you, Cars 2.) The story centers around Riley, an 11-year-old girl in the throes of a move from Michigan to San Francisco. Her five main feelings- Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust- dominate the majority of the film. You will laugh a lot, but you will DEFINITELY also cry.

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July 14, 2015

Grace Jones has slept among the wolves.

She has walked them on leashes and brushed the dirt from their fur. She has looked into their golden, untamed eyes and scratched the sweet spot behind their perked ears. On a compound in the vast Arroyo Grande, like so many other times in her adventurous life, Grace exerted herself as the Alpha Female. Listen to one of the most exciting job opportunities This Damn World has ever encountered.

Show Notes:

Aya found this incredible woman through a chance snippet of conversation while walking through a busy bar. Grace Jones, as she says, “has lived four lifetimes in one.” She has earned three degrees and has held a number of enviable positions in careers we can only dream about. She’s the flawless fusion of in-control and in-the-know, and we just wanted to know more and more.

Dom, Jenn, and Grace talk dog dominance, karaoke nights, turtle rescues, restaurant serving, knowing when to move on, and the importance of never, ever backing down.

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July 7, 2015

Dom, Jenn, and Aya tell embarrassing and/or hilarious stories from their youths. Vicariously experience first kisses, scarring middle school memories, drunken decisions, terrifying dolls, ferocious mothers, irresponsible mothers, surprise giveaways to super-fans, and more.

Show notes:

From the same minds that careened through “The One We Couldn’t Make Up If We Tried,” Dom, Jenn, and Aya cast aside their guest list and kick back for a night of drinks and decades of debauchery. Dom calls out the cable guy, and we light up the life of one super-fan, who will soon receive a surprise on his or her front doorstep.

Let the lesson be known: you make friends with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook- we fuckin’ deliver.

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June 30, 2015

Danielle “Pineapple” Barnett explains the many spiritual and physical benefits of naked yoga. Before you resign yourself to the statement, “I could never do that,” hear about her process, the reception from the public, and her story of the very first all-women’s naked yoga class in San Francisco.

Show notes:

Jenn, despite slight reservations, actually took Danielle’s first class. We learned about how she decided the city of San Francisco needed a naked outlet (besides the Castro) and how her mom’s accepting attitude of “clothing optional” led her on the path of acceptance for all body types. If you’re interested in having a great story for the Christmas dinner, check out her class.

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June 23, 2015

In the same way the cold calls forth images of snow, hot chocolate, and Old Man Winter, nothing says summer quite like a sweet smoothie. Christy Osorio talks with us about recipes, her opinions on smoothies vs. juices, and her thoughts on juice cleansing, as well as spam, tequila, and preserving the eccentric city of San Francisco.

She also puts both of us to shame with a story about biking 81 miles to Santa Cruz for her birthday. Jenn shares her attempt at a cleanse. For a less traumatizing interaction with health, stop by her pop-up shop at Mojo Café at 639 Divisadero St in San Francisco, Monday through Wednesday from 9-11:30 a.m. Get 15% off of your order with the code “This Damn World.”

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