March 29, 2016

Nobody likes going through a breakup.

Comedian Gabby Poccia joins TDW for talks about past relationships, personal lessons learned, the psych of breakups, soulmates, and the actual addictive qualities of love.

Show Notes:

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, or if you’re still dealing with the effects years down the line, we know the feeling. Breakups are, to get straight to the point, one of the shittiest things we ever deal with. Nearly everyone has been through heartache, but even after hundreds of years of societal evolution, no one really knows how to help each other.

In this episode, comedian Gabby Poccia, who co-hosts Crushes, Loves & One Night Stands with episode 66’s Richard Toomer, talks about lessons she’s learned along the way. We discuss the realities of soulmates, whether or not you should date in high school, and how crazy different life would be if you settled down and married your first. We also talk about how love can literally become an addiction and the psychology of a breakup

There’s no designated timeline on getting over the loss of a future together. Some days will be hard and some days will be easier. At the end of the day, the next person will love what you built, not what your ex broke.

Keep your head up, and be fuckin’ better than the person you were.

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March 22, 2016

Photo Credit: Rusty Holland

Putting the ‘tic, tic, tic’ back in politics.

As the election for President of the United States nears, TDW talks thoughts on the government of today. Donald Trump’s hate speech, Hillary Clinton’s attempt to reach the mainstream through Broad City, KKK protests, Louis CK’s imploring essay, and how history seems to be repeating itself.

Show Notes:

To say we’re knowledgeable about politics is an untrue statement. So is asking whether or not we’re biased against Donald Trump. Spoiler alert: we’re biased against Donald Trump. Here’s a landslide of reasons we should not be voting for him as the President of the United States. None of these stories are made up. It’s like America asked angry kindergartners for their half-formed opinions and then fed the answers to an angrier man-child in a toupee.

In other news, this episode covers our personal experience with the American political system. We talk about how celebrities like Louis CK are starting to weigh in more heavily and how presidential candidates are appearing on mainstream shows to reach more people, like Hillary Clinton showing up on Broad City YAAS, QUEEN! History seems to be repeating itself with Donald Trump cosplay like the protests out of the Nixon era, and have you guys seen the coverage of the KKK protests in Anaheim ? WHAT?

Have we become apathetic to politics? Or do we just choose to remain ignorant about one of the most important positions in our country?

We’re not necessarily saying to vote for anyone in particular. Be informed, do your research, ask questions, and for the love of fuck, PLEASE VOTE.

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March 15, 2016

Whatever happened to reasonable expectation of privacy?

TDW discusses the secret nude filming of Erin Andrews, Gawker’s fight to keep Hulk Hogan’s sex tape in public view, and Uber’s shady behavior when it comes to disabled passengers and making a quick buck with fake vomit.

Show Notes:

Somehow this started as talking about the expectation of privacy with Erin Andrews after she was secretly filmed by a stalker in a Marriott and then morphed into Hulk Hogan’s sex bandanna, which anyone can view on Gawker. From there it derailed to Jenn’s favorite bar game “Fair, Freak or Flop” with notable celebrities, discussing sexual hall passes, and talking about what the fuck Uber thinks it’s doing with discrimination and money making schemes.

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March 8, 2016

TDW tells the tales of deaths as fascinating as they are terrifying.

Actors accidentally killed on set, a girl awakening in the Odessa catacombs, subway tragedies, elevator dives, and plunges down Niagara Falls.

Show Notes:

No one ever wants to find themselves in the situation, but everyone loves a good death story. Especially ones that make you go “what the hell? That would NEVER happen.”

But it would. You could find yourself suddenly dismembered by a harmless prop sword, or swept away into the thunderous crush of Niagara Falls. Your daydreams of accidentally getting caught in the doors of BART or the subway could finally come true. You could get stuck in an elevator. You could wake up in the black of the Russian catacombs with no clue how to escape.

Or you could be murdered in your sleep.

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March 2, 2016

To be rude or not to be rude?

That is the question. Whether it’s Kesha’s battle against her producer Dr. Luke, Talia Jane’s open letter against the insubstantial wages of Yelp/Eat 24, or telling a guy if he’s being a creep, Jenn, Aya, and Christina cover it all. Here’s to another episode with These Damn Dames.

Show Notes:

The original title of this episode was “Okay Until It’s Not,” a name chosen to highlight siding with Kesha and our thoughts on Talia Jane’s open letter. However, as soon as Christina got on the line, we knew we had something better. “These Damn Dames” is still finding its focus, and maybe going forward it’s that bitches get shit done.

Jenn, Aya, and Christina talk about the rules of being rude; Kesha’s fight against her producer, Dr. Luke ; Talia Jane’s open letter to the CEO of Yelp/Eat 24, and several subsequent open letters responding to her; why actresses are actually paid less in Hollywood; and the ever popular stories of online dating and being bitches in bars.

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